Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Mag+ platform jumps to version 3.5: 'Multi-Device Export' includes support for creating iPhone editions

The digital publishing solutions company Mag+ has announced the release of version 3.5 which now includes "Multi-Device Export", including the ability to design and launch iPhone editions. The first new iPhone apps released using the latest version appeared at the end of June from the British Journal of Photography and Icon Global.

Writing on the Mag+ website, Mike Haney, Chief Product Officer, described some of the advantages of the new version (the previous version was numbered 3.2):

As many of you know, Adobe has introduced something similar to this in CS6 called Liquid Layout. It’s a very cool, very powerful tool, and we’ll support Liquid Layout settings in a coming release. But with this we’re aiming to do something that’s much simpler to learn and start using on day one, and that will work even if you’re on CS4 or 5. And because one of our core beliefs at Mag+ is that you need to design for the device your user is on, we wanted to give you the chance to optimize those Fire or iPhone layouts. With this feature, we hope that we’ve done 90 percent of the work for you—copying all assets and links to a new file, re-sizing everything—for moving your designs to new devices. You can even set up style sheets that transfer from template to template so you can have even more control over how the export will work.
The new version of the InDesign plug-in solution allows designers to create for both display resolution versions of the iPad, the Kindle Fire, two Android tablet sizes – 1024x600 and 1280x800 – as well as now adding iPhone support. The new version of plug-in will work with versions of Adobe InDesign all the way back to CS4.

"By making it easy to optimize for several devices, we help publishers justify creating more digital content and experimenting with multiple platforms," said Gregg Hano, CEO of Mag+. "By improving analytics, we’re giving them the ability to learn from that experimentation, refine their offerings, and collect the data that will help bring more advertisers on board."

An at-a-glance video of version 3.5 of the Mag+ platform can be seen here.

A new version of the Mag+ Reviewer app will soon appear in the App Store once it gets through the Apple app review process.

Here is a video from the British Journal of Photography which looks at their new iPhone digital edition: