Monday, July 30, 2012

Marketing fail: Apple makes fun of its own customers in new series of TV ads for the Apple 'genius'

There is a strong trend in advertising to make the customers of the product being advertised appar to be fools. Ad agencies think this is cool, customers not so much.

Until the last bunch of Apple commercials, the customers of Apple were seen in ads to be smarter and more savvy than those of the competition.

Not so any longer.

The three new commercials, created by TBWA\Chiat\Day are pretty a dig at the typical Apple customer. They feature an "Apple genius" who knows all and a series of customers who are seen as frazzled and clueless. You own a Mac, the commercial says, you're an idiot.

Adrants sums up the problem this way: "The piling on is well warranted for one simple reason; Apple products are supposed to be so easy to use that you rarely have to call in an Apple Genius for help."

For me these new ads simply signal that Apple is no longer being led by someone with a unique vision. Apple's marketing is now, well, just like everyone else's. The new ads are not worse than other consumer product company's, there just the same.