Thursday, July 19, 2012

Media app updates: CBS News adds live radio feeds to their iPad app; NYT updates iPad app for the Olympics

The app strategy for CBS News until now has been to let the local affiliates create their own apps with radio streaming. But today CBS Interactie updated its CBS News for iPad, as well as its mobile app, CBS News, to add in live streaming from CBS Radio News.
Until now I have used the universal app, CBS Chicago, to listen to my local news station. But that app, and doubtless, lots of other local CBS apps have apparently been pulled by CBS in order to promote this one app. (A search for the app for Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas all show that the apps are now out of the App Store.)

While one can understand the value of one national app for mobile or tablets, the withdrawal of the local apps means a loss of valuable advertising real estate.

Yesterday I posted a story about the updates being released because of the coming start of the 2012 Olympics in London. Both The Guardian and Comcast issued updates to their apps to make adjustments for the Olympics – either adding a new section, or changing the search function to help find Olympics programming.

Right on cue, the New York Times has updated its NYTimes for iPad app to add in Olympics coverage.

The app update description says that besides some bug fixes, the update brings in "enhancements to display Olympic event results, medal counts and live coverage in a rich and dynamic way."