Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nature Publishing Group releases a natively designed tablet edition for Scientific American; also a first eBook released as a Kindle Edition, iBook and a NOOK book

In late December of 2010 Nature Publishing Group released a special edition app for its title Scientific American. That app, Origins & Endings, was, I thought, just a teaser for an app edition for the magazine itself.

A year and a half later that app, Scientific American, has finally been released and it was certainly worth the wait.
Both existing print readers, who will be not forced to pay again to access the digital edition, and new readers will find the tablet edition well designed, easy to read, and a joy to navigate. The editors have gone out of their way to make sure readers new to the iPad will be able to move around the articles.

The free app can be found inside the Apple Newsstand with annual subscriptions priced at $34.99. Individual issues can be bought at $5.99, but the app comes with a free preview issue, July, which will allow readers to get an idea of the quality of the production work inside (as well as the editorial content, of course).

In addition to the new tablet edition, the editors of Scientific American have also published their first eBook: The Science of Sports. The new digital book has been released simultaneously as a Kindle Edition, an iBook, and as a NOOK book – all three priced at $3.99.

Here is a brief look at the July issue of Scientific American, available free inside the new iPad app: