Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seven major Polish media companies unite to create paywalls through Piano Media

The paywall phenomenon is not limited to the U.S. as evidenced by the moe today by seven major Polish media firms – such is the desire to begin generating revenue from online readers.

Today Piano Media, a Slovak-based company, announced that Agoura, Murator, Polish National Radio, Swiss-German Ringier Axel Springer Poland, British Media Regionalne, German Polskapresse and Edytor will begin using the Piano Media system beginning immediately.

“Poland allows us to demonstrate how well our system works in larger markets,” said Piano’s Chief Executive Tomáš Bella.

"For us, Piano’s system is the next step in building our Internet publishing strategy for our press titles, which in turn will help us to continuously deliver – both online and offline - the premium content provided by our editorial teams,” Agora’s Digital Content Publisher, Michał Gwiazdowski, said.

The Polish media companies will use the system in various ways, some will provide ad-free versions of their site to subscribers, while others will offer premium access to exclusive material.

For now, readers simply see the Piano Media logo at the top of the media firms's website. In August free trial programs will begin, and in September the full paywall system will be implemented.