Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Small Maryland custom publisher launches its first branded apps for its own trade magazine, Wash Trends

I definitely have a soft spot for small publishers, especially those on the B2B side of things. The challenges of publishing one or two titles, mixing in other services, and still coming out on top are daunting. Adding to those now are how to begin launching one's own mobile or tablet apps.
If you've ever worked in the B2B publishing business you know that any industry, any profession, can be the subject of a trade publication. I started out on the construction side of things, which is pretty mainstream as far as B2B media goes.

Wash Trends, published by Bay Media Inc. out of Severna Park, Maryland, covers car washes. And now it has is own apps for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store.

The apps, I assume, are originating out of their printer or else Blue Toad, as the ever present tagline of "includes patent-pending Media Deck technology" has been added to the end of the app description. I see that line used on the apps coming out of RR Donnelley or Blue Toad.

But where ever the source of the development, the publisher here has made sure their apps appeared under their own name, Bay Media, rather then the vendors. The seller is listed as Patricia Troy, who just happens to be the CEO of the company.
The iPhone app is called WashTrends Magazine while the iPad app is called WashTrends as Apple forces each app to have its own unique name.

There is not much else to report here as the issues to be found inside are the typical replica edition faire dished out by these vendors.

The one unique feature I found inside was that before downloading the issue one is presented with an opportunity to download whatever multimedia material may be included. I downloaded several issues, each time choosing to include the added material. Not surprisingly, though, no such actual material ended up being included with the issue.

The app does not allow you to download issues without subscribing, but there is no charge for subscribing.

I wonder how many car wash owners own an iPad or iPhone? That would be a hard number to discover. But now, at least, those owners can read all about their industry on their devices, right?