Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The staff of the Athens News calls a 24-strike to protest not being paid

Greece has been largely out of the new in the U.S. thanks to rising Spanish bond prices. But that does not mean that the situation has suddenly changed since the election of last month.

Witness the news this afternoon that the staff of the Athens News, the English language news website and weekly newspaper, has called for a 24-hour strike for June 25.

According to a post on the newspaper's website, the staff has not been paid in nearly two months:
Staff took this decision because they have not been paid their salaries for almost two months. Nor have they received their statutory summer pay entitlement.

In addition, freelance staff at the newspaper were last paid in April.
The Athens News is just the latest newspaper to find itself in financial trouble. Eleftherotypia, an Athens daily newspaper with a wide circulation, declared bankruptcy in December of last year, and since that time its website has stopped being updated.

As for the Athens News, the staff promises that the paper will appear as scheduled on Friday, and that on the 26th the website will once again be updated.