Wednesday, July 18, 2012

With the Olympics right around the corner, The Guardian and other media firms update their apps to add coverage

The opening of the 2012 Olympics in London is in nine days and media companies with a connection to the games, such as local media and broadcasters, and scrambling to capitalize. As a result, some media app updates are appearing that add new sections or navigation tools to assist their readers and viewers find the appropriate content.
Today The Guardian updated its iPhone app, The Guardian for iPhone, to add a new Olympics section to its news offerings (see right).

The Guardian's iPad edition has not been updated to reflect any changes for the Olympics, its last update being in May to fix bugs. Likewise, The Guardian Eyewitness app was also updated in May, but to add retina support for new iPad owners. Adding an Olympics section, especially one with a sponsor, would seem like a great way to take advantage of their photojournalism tablet app.

Comcast also issued an Olympics related app update. The company's Xfinity TV universal iOS app was updated today to add a new Olympics filter in the TV listings found inside the app.

Not all apps need to be updated to bring in Olympics material, of course. No doubt many other media outlets are simply adding content through their existing apps without the need of an update. Updates become necessary when adding sections and new RSS feeds, or changing the basic layouts or navigation of an app.