Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Adidas launches new app for its magazine, one that places it inside Apple's Newsstand

Many media companies, when they have wanted to make their apps compliant with Apple's Newsstand, have simply issued an update. But the update, of course, makes the stand alone app disappear from reader's iPads and a new one appears inside Newsstand.

The result, unfortunately, is that some readers don't understand and complain inside the App Store that the update has made their favorite app disappear.

Click here for iPad hi-res image.
Maybe this is why Adidas, the athletic clothier, has issued a brand new app for their magazine.

The new app, adidas outdoor magazine - english, now lies along side adidas outdoor magazine inside the App Store. The old app, the app description warns, will no longer be updated.

The downside of using this approach is that owners of the old app may begin to wonder why their app isn't working any longer, unaware of the new app.

Besides the Newsstand support, there is not much else different about the apps. The issue inside is the same, a well done custom publishing project by boa! agentur gmbh, supported, the app says, by StoppAustria.

Like other magazines designed to be marketing vehicles, the app and its content are free to download.

Here is a short look at the issue to be found inside the new app: