Friday, August 17, 2012

Blogsy updates its iPad app adding direct iPad photo support, Facebook integration

I have Blogsy on my iPad. the $4.99 blogging tool, but must admit that I do not use app for TNM. Nonetheless, the developers of Blogsy are constantly updating their app, adding more and more attractive features – if you maintain a blog and are constantly on the go, Blogsy is worth checking out.

Today, the app team, which the website site identify as Lance Barton, Sean Choe and Junsung Kye, updated their iPad app again, the current version being identified as 4.1.

The update, once installed, will now allow you to ad photos directly from your iPad photo library. Users can even add the photos when offline, presumably they are then added to the site once you regain an Internet connection.

The update also adds Facebook integration: users can add photos to their blog directly from Facebook, as well as upload photos back to Facebook.

There are, of course, also a number of bug fixes.

The developers have created two videos about their update. I've embedded here the one about offline photos, if only because I found this most interesting: