Monday, August 27, 2012

CNN updates its iOS apps to add in a new section in time for the GOP convention in Tampa, U.S. Election Center

Today marks the start of the Republican convention in Tampa, though thanks to Tropical Storm Isaac, events have been moved to tomorrow. (As it stands now, the storm is predicted to make landfall as a Category 1 hurricane and if the track remains the same would hit New Orleans dead on – though it is moving very slowly so predicting an exact location for landfall is still subject to change.)
Like many news outlets, CNN has released an app update to add an election section to their mobile and iPad apps.

CNN App for iPad, seen at right and in the video below, adds a U.S. Election Center that involves a news section and an election map section. The iPhone add does the same, only in its mobile format.

As these news apps gain more and more content, and add more sections, they start to become much more than merely an app version of the cable news outlet. If the editors aggregate and curate content in a certain manner, it is easy to see that the app version of a news brand could become quite a bit different than its television counterpart.

In the case of CNN, it might be possible to rejuvenate the news brand even as the network is moving more and more into reality TV. (It's possible, though it is doubtful that will happen here.)

For the sake of balance, I checked to see when the last app update was issued for the Fox News apps. Fox News for iPad was last updated on July 9, that update simply being bug fixes. The mobile app was updated back in June, also for bug fixes. The app description of both makes fun reading as the network insists on being a cliché at every opportunity.

Here is a very brief look the CNN iPad app as it appears today following the update: