Monday, August 13, 2012

IPC releases new app for Wallpaper*, moving the app into Apple's Newsstand while leaving the editions unchanged

The UK publisher IPC Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Inc., continues to issue new Newsstand compliant apps for their portfolio of magazines. Today the company issued a new app for Wallpaper*.

The new app, Wallpaper Magazine North America, is identical to a previous app but now the new app moves the magazine in Apple's Newsstand.
IPC Media had previously launched a new app for the UK edition of the magazine that placed the new app, Wallpaper*, also into the Newsstand.

Wallpaper* was originally launched in 1996 by Winnipeg-born journalist Tyler Brûlé, with Time buying the magazine the next year. Brûlé left the magazine in 2002 and now edits Monocle.

The appearance of Wallpaper* inside the Newsstand might encourage downloads. The magazine is one of those readers often discover on a neighborhood newsstand, but with those declining in number it must be harder and harder to find the magazine.

The magazine is not a cheap buy: individual issues are available for $9.99 a piece, with a monthly subscription priced at $7.99 and an annual subscription at $49.99. The good news is that if you are already a print subscriber accessing the digital edition will not cost you more.

If you are interested in the magazine the tab edition is worth checking out as it does contain additional interactive content.