Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mag+ launches its own production services: Mag+ Studios

The digital production platform company Mag+ has expanded its publisher services by launching its own creative services program. The new production services may allow some publishers to launch new tablet and mobile editions faster while working to train their own staffs, or may serve as a publisher's own outsourced production staff, if necessary.

Mag+ Studios will offer three "packages" of creative services support:

Mag+ Studio Package #1: Optimized Print – this package will produce a simple replica edition with interactive enhancements;

Mag+ Studio Package #2: Optimized Print Plus – this package expands the first level package by adding custom design up to a third of your magazine title to create a more customized look and feel. It also offers creative consultation services;

Mag+ Studio Package #3: Full Custom Design – this package involves working directly with the publisher's production staff to create a fully customized digital edition, and will create sample page designs to assist with the creation of the new mobile/tablet edition.

The move is a logical one for Mag+ as no doubt many small to mid-sized publishing companies are finding themselves stretched thin due to reduced staff sizes. Adding tablet editions, for instance, to the duties of an art director already responsible for multiple titles would be quite a burden.

By providing creative services, even if only at the beginning of the process, will be a welcome addition to the services any digital media vendor can offer.