Thursday, August 9, 2012

Media app updates: The NYT adds offline reading to its election mobile app; The Economist tries to work out subscriber access issues; AP, CNN also issue updates

A number of important media app updates were issued this morning, some to work out bugs, others adding functionality.

The New York Times updated its NYTimes Election 2012 this morning to add offline reading capability to the app, as well as to fix some bugs.

The NYT remains a sluggish and apparently unenthusiastic developer of media app, despite the incredible potential they possess. The company has six iPhone apps and two for the iPad, and none so far for any of their popular staffers.

But the NYT's election app was certainly a good idea. The app extends the benefits of a paid digital subscription, and the paper has plenty of graphics and blogging content to offer.

The Economist issued another update for The Economist for iPad as its tries to fix its subscriber issues.

But curiously, despite frequent updates, the app description starts with this: "Latest issue January 7th 2012". Oops.

The Associated Press issued an extensive update to its universal news app, AP Mobile. The update adds new social network sharing through LinkedIn, and the ability to save content to Evernote, a popular note taking application (and an app that seems to be in bad need for an update itself, if the negative user reviews inside the App Store are to be believed).

Finally, CNN Interactive Group issued an update for its CNN App for iPad. The app description only says "bug fixes," but one should assume the update is related to frequent crashes being reported by users.