Thursday, August 30, 2012

New RedEye guides to Chicago neighborhoods promoted by... the Los Angeles Times?

Some advertising emails you delete immediately, some you actually read, and others require you to look really closely at in order to believe what you are seeing.
This e-mail promotion, seen at right, got me so confused that I had to let it sit there in my in-box a while before clicking. As someone who once lived in Los Angeles, I was trying to figure out why the L.A Times would be sending me an email about RedEye, did they launch the tabloid in L.A.? (No.) Create a second tablet app under the RedEye name? (no.)

River North, the neighborhood being talked about in the promotion, is most definitely a Chicago neighborhood. The LA River, as I remember it, is really just a long stretch of concrete for most of the year.

Obviously, this is a mistake on the part of the Tribune Company, owners of both the L.A. Times and Chicago Tribune. But this won't go down well with the folks in Chicago who still want to be known as "the second city" no matter what the population is in L.A. – hey, at least we have a pro football team.

But I really found it interesting that this promotion would come out of the L.A. office, link to an L.A. Times website address, and include the Los Angeles Times logo at the top (not seen here). Has the Tribune Company moved all marketing to L.A.?