Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NPR issues a second update to its mobile NPR News app to fix crashes; Guardian updates 'Eyewitness' again

A couple of new media app updates have been issued to previously updated apps that attempt to fix some important bugs.

NPR has issued a new update to its iPhone app, NPR News. The update has been released following a series of reviews that reported crashing.
(This one caught me by surprise because the app has been performing flawlessly for me – hopefully the new update doesn't actually introduce bugs!)

The last update was issued on August 9 and I pointed out at that time that NPR's app's have some of the best app descriptions to be found in the App Store. Not only does the app description beautifully describe the app, but the "What's New" section is very complete and helpful.

The Guardian also recently issued an update, this one for its The Guardian Eyewitness app, but have had to issue another new one today to fix a problem with its new subscription features.

Its last update introduced a new premium service that gives readers additional content (for a price, of course). The Guardian's latest update supposedly resolves a problem with images not appearing for those subscribers who have opted to pay the extra money. (Also, they have a bad typo in their app description. Oops.)