Friday, August 31, 2012

Off for the Labor Day holiday

As a bit more of TNM's traffic comes from outside the U.S., it is necessary on occasion to remind readers of an upcoming holiday so as to explain why posts have slowed or stopped altogether.

This Monday is the Labor Day holiday. In a country that is pretty radically anti-labor, the holiday – like Christmas, I suppose – has lost its meaning.

Labor Day parade, circa 1906
Made a federal holiday in 1894 by President Glover Cleveland, Labor Day is not very often used to celebrate the working man or the labor movement, but is used as an excuse to have Labor Day furniture sales, and the like.

There are no fireworks displays on Labor Day, no speeches about the conditions of the working class or remembrances of those killed in past efforts to form unions, demand benefits or living wages. It is a day of rest, of outdoor parties, and of watching baseball games or the first college football games.

TNM will be giving all its employees (me) the day off so there will not be any new posts on Labor Day. But I hope you, too, celebrate the holiday where ever you are and in whatever peaceful and pleasant manner you feel is appropriate.