Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The San Diego Union-Tribune launch two new iPad apps: Chargers Insider is ready for the new football season, while U-T Sunday Magazine is just plain not ready

The San Diego Union-Tribune, which last November was sold by Platinum Equity to local real estate investor Doug Manchester, has just released two new iPad apps, one in support of the local football team, one for its Sunday magazine.

Chargers Insider has been released just in time for the upcoming football season – the preseason begins this week.

The new sports magazine app joins Padres Insider which was released before the start of the baseball season (see post written in March). That app for the Padres was free to download and provided the content for free, as well.
But Chargers Insider is requiring that readers pay an annual subscription of $19.99 or buy individual issues for $0.99. Print subscribers, though, can log into their accounts and gain access for no additional charge.

This is probably the way to go: current subscribers free, new readers pay a nominal fee.

Both the Chargers app and the new app for the Sunday magazine use the Mag+ platform.

As for that Sunday magazine, well, it appears the app was released prematurely. Although the app description shows screenshots of the digital magazine to be found inside, the app itself contains nothing but the shell – no issues can currently be found.

It's very possible, now that the app is inside the App Store, that the U-T team will quickly launch some content.

Because the app shows no "Store" tab, I would assume that the Sunday magazine will be available for free. Because of this, I suppose, the developers chose to place U-T Sunday Magazine outside the Apple Newsstand, while Chargers Insider is inside.