Monday, August 27, 2012

WSJ launches WorldStream, a place to aggregate its hand-held, smartphone shot video content

What should a publisher do with all those poorly lit, shaky videos their reporters are now shooting. You certainly don't want them on your home page, right?

The WSJ today launched a new section of its website that it calls WorldStream. Powered by Tout, a San Francisco-based tech company, the web app will be curated by the WSJ's editorial video director Shawn Bender and
real-time video deputy Mark Scheffler, the paper said in its press release.
"Our video viewership has more than doubled in the past six months to over 20 million streams, and the creation of this video blog is a milestone in the expansion of video at the Journal," said the WSJ's Alan Murray, deputy managing editor and executive editor, online.

The paper is touting, if you will, its new feature, but the videos currently up online are pretty much what you would expect from reporters shooting with the smartphones. Any really good content, breaking news or other interesting material will, of course, make it onto the paper's home page. WorldStream looks like where the other material will end up if the four Herman Cain videos are any indication.