Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A flood of updates get submitted, released before launch of iOS 6; New York Times, Guardian release updates

Today owners of iPhones and iPads are getting notified that they have apps to update as developers rush to get their revised apps to consumers ahead of the public release of iOS 6 on Wednesday.
I have been on iOS 6 since last week and can tell you that a number of apps will not work properly without being updated. SportsTap, as an example, has stopped function since updating to iOS 6 – though reviews inside the App Store show that some customers have been complaining about the app for a while now, indicating that it might not be directly related to iOS 6.

The New York Times today updated its NYTimes for iPad app, but does not specifically mention iOS 6 compliance, though one assumes that was the reason for the update.

The Guardian, too, issued an update to one of its apps without mentioning iOS 6. The Guardian Eyewitness merely mentions bug fixes in its app description.

Other developers specifically mention making their apps compliant with iOS 6 in their updates. Amex for iPad and Harrods Magazine being two examples of apps updated this morning to make sure they will function properly after the release of the new OS.

The eBook reader app Kobo also issued an update today. It lists iOS 6 compliance, as well as new fonts that will be available to readers, including Avenir, which requires iOS 6.

Both Dropbox and Netflix issued updates this morning, and although neither mention iOS 6, one can't help but think that both apps all too essential or popular to fail to be thoroughly tested in the iOS 6 environment.

Finally, Twitter issued an update to its universal iOS app. Whenever Twitter issues an update controversy ensues – we'll see how this update is received, as the update is so new that there are no user reviews currently in the App Store. (This is the one app I always hold off on updating until I know what to expect.)