Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple anchors big name food magazines to the top of its Newsstand search results in possible policy change

The Apple Newsstand has a slightly different look this morning, one most users probably won't even notice: this morning several big name magazines now are listed on top of all other tablet editions no matter whether the user is sorting the titles by name or release date.

The magazines that are getting the favored treatment are Hearst's Food Network Magazine, Cook's Illustrated Magazine, Condé Nast's Bon Appetit, and Martha Stewart Everyday Food. It is interesting that all four are food magazines, making one wonder if this is the result of a change in policy where search results can be fixed, or an experiment of some sort.

In any case, magazines that have release dates of September 10 are now listed behind magazines with updates from April, May and July.
The jungle that is the iTunes App Store is due for a redesign, this would include an easier way for readers to find individuals titles inside the Newsstand and elsewhere throughout the App Store.

One possible solution is subcategories. Another, preferred by larger companies, is paid anchoring of apps.