Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Condé Nast releases new iPad app, Best of Parade

One of the properties Condé Nast owns that until today did not have its own tablet edition is its Sunday magazine Parade. But can the company release a digital version of the magazine, or does its contracts with its newspaper partners preclude this?

The new app from Condé Nast Digital avoids this question. Best of Parade is not a digital reproduction of the magazine you find in the Sunday edition of your local paper but is instead more of a special section.

The app offers readers a chance to subscribe free of charge, but what readers will get for signing up is an open question.

The first issue available inside the app is Fall Entertainment - 2012. The issue weighs in at a bit over 300 MB and is to be read in portrait orientation. The digital issue contains plenty of video, as you'd expect from a special section that is looking at the fall television line-up. Much of the video links to content being hosted online, off the app. But some of the video is embedded, as well.

Because this is not your Sunday magazine, the special section needed a different approach to advertising. In this case, the publisher logically went with a single sponsor (Bose).

Where the editors want to go with this app will be interesting to see. The app description gives really no clue to its direction. The development team did a good job with the digital edition, but a pretty poor job of writing an app description.

Here is a walk-through the beginning of the issue found inside Best of Parade: