Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fandango issues update that adds Passbook support

Apple will be releasing iOS 6 to the public today and one of the new features contained in the newest version of the mobile operating system is a new app: Passbook.
The app works a bit like Newsstand in that app developers can add in Passbook support when developing their apps. But unlike Newsstand, Passbook doesn't require developers to forego stand-alone apps.

Instead, the way Passbook works is that when an iPhone user buys a ticket through an app such as Fandango, the ticket can be sent to Passbook for storage.

So when Fandango updated its universal iOS app this morning, Fandango Movies – Times & Tickets, the app will not disappear from their devices when updated, as they do with Newsstand.

Look for a lot more updates today and through the end of the week. Apps from Starbucks and other retailers will need to be updated if the companies want to add in support for Passbook. Of course, a developer could choose to keep their tickets and coupons residing solely in their stand-alone apps, but unlike Newsstand, the benefits of this approach are minimal.

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