Thursday, September 27, 2012

French digital newsstand vendor lekiosk updates its universal iOS app to fix bugs related to iOS 6

The French digital newsstand vendor lekiosk, a sort of mix of Zinio and Next Issue, has updated its iOS app in order to fix bugs and make their app iOS 6 compliant.

lekiosk has a gimmick: it is designed to look like a physical newsstand which, I suppose, makes some sense in Europe where the old fashioned newsstands can still be found.

Recently lekiosk was able to ad more than 90 U.K. titles to its digital newsstand, breaking out its offerings into two different stores, though within one app.

lekiosk is trying to break through and today got a review of its service in the U.K. daily The Telegraph. The review was mixed, and not surprisingly focused on the "cute" user interface.

What makes lekiosk unique isn't really the UI but the ability, like Next Issue, to buy a subscription package that includes more than one magazine. In the case of lekiosk, the digital newsstand will let you buy a 10 magazine package for $13.99 per month - a slight discount off the same price one would pay via monthly subscriptions inside the Apple Newsstand.

The weakness of lekiosk, besides its cute interface, is that inside the digital newsstand what you are presented with are simple replica editions. This is the problem with just about every digital newsstand (with exception of Next Issue): the digital magazines don't feature native designed magazines.

TNM has written about lekiosk in the past, but if you are unfamiliar with the 3D newsstand in the platform here is a walk-through the newly updated app: