Friday, September 14, 2012

Gannett unveils a redesign and logo for USA TODAY's 30th anniversary, updated mobile and tablet apps, and a redesigned website to appear this weekend

This morning's edition of Gannett's USA TODAY sports a new logo and design, unveiled on the 30th anniversary of the newspaper's founding on September 15, 1982.

The newspaper, originally known for its short stories and use of color, today only has two longish articles on its front page as well as a notice concerning the paper's redesign. (You can see a readable PDF of the front page at the Newseum.)
Along with the newspaper and logo redesign, the paper has also issued an update to its mobile and tablet applications inside the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon's app store.

"We are making a real investment in USA TODAY, and putting a major focus on reinvigorating the value of print media while introducing new digital products," said Larry Kramer, recently named president and publisher of USA TODAY. "We want to provide our readers with a unique perspective and relevant context on a full range of issues, across all mediums. We are revolutionizing the way we cover and distribute the news in relevant ways that inform and entertain our readers."

The final piece of the redesign will be unveiled this weekend when the paper's news website goes live.

USA TODAY's existing website will get a makeover 
The paper's website is desperately in need of updating, so a redesign is most welcome.

Gannett's digital strategy does not appear to have changed, even as the look of the paper has. The paper's mobile and tablet apps are still free of charge, with no subscription required. Advertising is small and infrequently seen. The tablet editions are like those papers thrown at the door of hotel rooms: requiring no further commitment than a desire to read them.

Where the paper's team appears to be concentrating their digital efforts is on the editorial side where the paper promises "more color, photos and infographics."

Although the tablet edition of USA TODAY has not changed with the new logo, here is a brief walk-through of the iPad app: