Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Google releases new YouTube iPhone app as agreement with Apple expires; new app's icon will confuse some

As the tech media world gets ready for the frenzy that is a new iPhone launch, Google has been busy preparing for the loss of some valuable real estate.

Google's deal with Apple that pre-installed an app for YouTube expired and now Apple is making life a little more difficult for Google by pulling their app and making users download and install a new one on their own.
My guess is that most iPhone owners will consider a YouTube app as pretty much a required app just like the Kindle app is from Amazon.

The new app, simply called YouTube, sports the same icon as the mobile app icon for YouTube. That means some downloaders will suddenly see the same icon twice on their iPhones, wondering which icon is for which app.

But the new YouTube app is good enough to replace that old mobile website icon.

The key to any app like this is ease of use, and ease of searching. So, of course, I searched out videos from this site as you can see in the screenshots below.

The app encourages users to use subscriptions to make accessing favorite videos easier. But even some who simply searches for videos, without favorites or subscriptions, should find the app very easy to use.