Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guardian News and Media updates its iPad app to now become 'The Guardian and Observer iPad edition'

Most American have never seen The Observer, the Sunday newspaper that is the companion newspaper to The Guardian. Occasionally The Observer can be found on newsstands – but with newsstands disappearing, the paper is becoming a harder find here.
The Sunday newspaper is one of the oldest in England, first appearing in 1791. Now it has a tablet edition, of sorts.

Guardian News and Media Limited today updated its iPad app for The Guardian adding in the Sunday paper starting this week. The app will now go forward being called The Guardian and Observer iPad edition.

Sadly, it appears that The Observer will be using the same design as The Guardian for tablets. The daily paper was rather late to the iPad, claiming that they were searching for the right look and navigation. But what was launched has proved disappointing – at least to me – as it is an unattractive collection of boxes, mostly empty.

The new app description also says that "user-experience and design enhancements" have been added to the app, though I will leave it to subscribers to discover these as my subscription ran out long ago. Users, though, have been complaining about problems with their subscriptions, it is possible that this update will address their concerns.