Friday, September 7, 2012

Media App Updates: AOL's TechCrunch adds offline reading, auto download features to its iPad app; Blogsy releases another major update for its blogging app

As the weekend is approaching it is a good time to fix those bugs and add those features to a company's media apps. Several media outlets have done just that this morning.
TechCrunch, the AOL-owned tech website, has updated its iPad app. Unlike other tech sites that have launched iPad app, TechCrunch is not a tablet magazine but a tablet optimized version of the website, and while I'm no fan of the basic concept of duplicating a website, I will admit that TechCrunch's effort is very attractively designed. (AOL also has a true digital magazine for download called Editions by AOL.)

The new update for TechCrunch adds some nice new features such as offline reading of articles and auto download which can be turned on in Settings to download the most recent 40 posts – again, useful for reading offline.

The New Republic for iPad has been updated again, and although the update is very minor I mention it simply because I think it is good to see that they are constantly updating their namesake app.

Early app reviewers gave this app one-star reviews because print subscribers were forced to pay again for access to the digital edition. This policy was reversed with an earlier update. But publishers should be forewarned, negative reviews never go away, so a decision to make print subscribers pay twice should be thoroughly thought through and debated internally.

The Aston Martin Magazine app (see original post) has been updated only a week after its launch. The update fixes some bugs and offers "improved retina support."

Finally, Blogsy has released yet another major update with a whole slew of feature changes far too numerous to list here. The blogging tool app gets frequent updates which is nice to see since a user who chooses Blogsy to blog remotely would want to know that the platform is constantly supported.