Friday, September 21, 2012

Now you can find a store to buy the new iPhone 5 PLUS have a great lunch, thanks to the new Apple Maps

The iPhone 5 has been released to the public today and the usual lines formed outside Apple retail stores, as well as outside the retail outlets of retailers such as Best Buy and carriers like AT&T.

So at lunch time today I decided to leave the office to buy some supplies and maybe pick up a bite to eat. I also decided that I wanted to visit a store where I could check out the new iPhone to see how older apps were being displayed on the new, slightly larger screen.
So I fired up the new Maps app on my old iPhone 4S and searched for a local AT&T store.

The new Apple Maps app immediately found me a store – located, it would appear, right in the middle of a Thai restaurant (see left, click for larger view).

Now I want to tell you that those folks at AT&T are geniuses. Imagine, locating a store inside a restaurant. Perfect.

Yes, those Apple maps are going to be a problem, because it turns out that the owner of the Thai restaurant didn't understand what I was talking about when I asked her about the iPhone 5. "Where are you hiding it?" I asked.

Oh well. The Pad Thai was outstanding, however,