Thursday, September 13, 2012

OpenTable updates its iPad apps, is one of the first to tout support for the soon to be released iOS 6; installing and testing out iOS 6 with its new Maps and Panorama apps

Apple will be releasing its newest version of iOS on September 6, but developers can download now the gold master (GM) version of iOS 6 from the developer site. Apple yesterday also emailed developers to encourage them to start submitting their new apps to the App Store.

Not surprisingly, a lot of new app updates have been issued over the past day or so, but few have actually mentioned that their apps are iOS 6 compliant.
One of the first apps to mention iOS 7 support comes from OpenTable which today issued an update to OpenTable for iPad. It's a good reminder that while all the focus this week has been on the new iPhone, the release of iOS 6 will effect the iPad, as well.

OpenTable's iPhone app, however, has not seen an update yet, though I suspect that will happen very soon, as well.

OpenTable Manager for iPad, the company's restaurant manager app received a rather important update earlier this week. Version 1.3 now let's users make reservations from the iPad and to combine reservations and waitlist parties onto one list on Floor View.

The inability to make reservations on the iPad was a big complaint with the prior version of the app.

I took the plunge and installed the GM version of iOS 6 onto my iPhone yesterday afternoon and all went well – though doing a restore is always a time consuming chore.

There is so very little different in the new iOS that some users may not even notice much. iOS 6 installs only one new app, Passbook, and the Maps icon looks so much like the old Google Maps icon that until Maps are opened one doesn't notice much of a difference.

The new Maps look very nice but I think a lot of iPhone and iPad users will really miss Google's Street View feature. But since Apple's maps includes 3D and flyover imagery many users many be in a forgiving mood - then again, maybe not.

The best new feature in iOS 6 is Panorama, the built in pano feature in the camera app, I've tested it out a few times already and can say that it is very impressive, and makes taking a pano so much easier than previous app attempts. Flicker will now be flooded with new panos, just watch.