Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Self-publisher Coran Woodmass launches his own wine magazine for boutique wineries in Australia

The ability to self-publish digital magazines is still not as developed, streamlined and easy as Apple has made it for book publishing. Prospective citizen magazine publishers are still reliant on third party vendors to provide a simple platform to get their digital magazines into the App Store, and hopefully into the Newsstand.
One of the newest entries into Apple's Newsstand is from Aussie Coran Woodmass. Using the MagCast platform, Woodmass has launched his own digital magazine called Boutique Wine Magazine.

The new digital magazine is about as simple as they come. Creating PDF pages, and having his own Apple developer account, Woodmass has been able to launch his new magazine under his own name.

The new app creates a library and store where readers can download issues and subscribe to the new title. Individual issues are $4.99, while a 1-month subscription is $1.99 per month.

The magazine comes from an Internet marketing and SEO professional, not a designer, and the pages show this. The layouts are about as simple as they come. The file size would be minimal were it not for the embedded video that the publisher used on his column and elsewhere.

But because the PDFs were created for eventual display on the iPad, not print, the font sizes make sense, improving the reading experience of this digital magazine versus many replica editions that must depend on pinch-to-zoom to get the text large enough.

If there were one piece of advice I'd give the publisher, though, is to not make it so obvious that he is a novice - not at creating a digital magazine, many are new to the platform - but that he is a novice at wine, the subject of his magazine.

The MagCast platform is exclusively for the iPad at this point. If I were to make a recommendation it would be that they add Kindle support first, leaving other Android platforms for later.



Tablazines said...

They should DEFINITELY hire a designer. If it looks amateurish I'm more likely to ignore the message contained in it.

But that's me...

Coran Woodmass said...

Thanks for downloading and reviewing our magazine.

I agree that the cover & design needs some work, we are going with a designer for the second issue. We wanted to focus on getting the content out and testing interest in the idea before spending too much time on the design of the first issue.

The aim of this magazine is to create an interactive way to learn more about wine. So that is why I'm honest in the videos and interviews about being a novice wine enthusiast.

Thanks again for the support.