Monday, September 24, 2012

SportsTap updates its universal app and appears to have fixed major bugs, adds support for iPhone 5

Although a flood of app updates were issued last week as developers rushed to make sure their apps were iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compliant, most apps continued to function just fine before their updated. One app that has been pretty much dead, however has been SportsTap, the sports score application.

For weeks now users have been complaining that the app does not update scores any longer, which probably means that the problem was not related to anything Apple had issued. But I found that the app was useless to me once I had upgraded my device to iOS 6.
This morning, however, SportsTap has gotten the expected update, fixing bugs and adding support for the iPhone 5's longer display (as seen at left).

The early reviews inside the App Store still say that the app has problems. My own tests show the app to be slow to update, but working. It's possible that by fixing some bugs and making the app work properly on the new iPhone that the developer has introduced new problems.

Users, of course, have many choices for sports score apps. ESPN has its own mobile app, and baseball fans can always use the MLB At Bat app as a free mode to get scores. But SportsTap has been a popular app for its easy navigation.