Friday, September 21, 2012

TGIF: Murdoch, France and melting highways

I think today is going to be a little strange. Maybe it's because the iPhone is going on sale today, or that it's the election season, but logic and sanity seems to be askew this morning.

Something is terribly wrong when... an abject failure gets a promotion.

James Murdoch 'set for top Fox Networks job'. Let's face it, some people's idea of free enterprise looks a lot like feudalism where the rich and entitled, the blue bloods, can do no wrong. In a meritocracy, James Murdoch would be more worried about posting bail than getting a new job. But James Murdoch is the son of the most powerful media mogul in the world, so his biggest worry is "redistribution".

Meanwhile, Scotland Yard has arrested 14 U.K. journalists in connection with the phone hacking scandal, but none of the rich and powerful.

Something is terribly wrong when... in the name of free speech protests are banned.

Free speech is looked on a little differently in France. France bans protests over Prophet Mohammad cartoons. So while it is OK to print anything you want, as long as you're the media, standing up and protesting against what is printed is forbidden. In France, apparently, you can stand up and yell "fire" in a crowded theatre, but not "that's wrong!"

Something is terribly wrong when... the road ahead of you looks to have melted.

A lot of people will be heading straight to their local retailers to buy a new phone, but will be getting lost on the way home. CNET News Crave
iPhone 5 finally hits the streets

Yes, today is the day that the iPhone 5 can be bought and picked up from your local retailer. Owners of previous models will be able to use Google Maps to find their way to the store (assuming they haven't updated their OS), but will soon discover that their phones won't be as reliable on the way home.

Apple has kind of admitted that their new maps app sucks, saying that the app will improve over time, but strangely they failed to mention this during their product launch event.
No doubt the news that the Maps app is pretty bloody awful won't prevent iPhone fans from lining up to buy the new device. But the real question left about the iPhone 5 remains... will it blend?

Update: the picture at left just got posted from an unknown source to Twitter (via 9to5Mac). Pretty funny, if you ask me. I wonder if Apple is laughing today, too?