Monday, September 17, 2012

The quarterly art and fashion magazine BULLETT issues a native designed tablet edition for Apple's Newsstand

It's hard to over estimate the advantage quarterly magazines have when it comes to being able to create tablet editions. The production cycle is such that building a tablet edition of a print magazine is almost leisurely (though I'm sure the art directors wouldn't admit to that).
Any quarterly that chooses to go the replica route, therefore, could easily be accused of just being lazy. BULLETT, the new tablet edition from the magazine of the same name, certainly wasn't lazy when it created its digital magazine.

Launched late last week, BULLETT is to be found only in the Apple App Store, where its app supports the Newsstand. Individual issues $2.99, and an annual subscription is $19.99.

Now if that pricing seems strange is is because the iPad magazine says it will be available monthly. I have to wonder if this was a mistake by the app team or whether the plan really is to try and produce the tablet edition monthly,

With all the video, slideshows and animation in this digital edition I would think that print would be far easier to produce monthly than this intense product.

Below are two videos (one after the jump) that give you a flavor for this tablet edition.

The first is a walk-through of the "teaser" edition which is available free of charge in the app.

The second is a promotional video the publishing team has produce to promote the next issue labeled the Romance issue.

This video can be found on the Bullett Media website promoting the next available issue: