Monday, September 24, 2012

Time Inc. launches a newly updated iPad app for Fortune, which still contains its hybrid tablet edition

Time Inc. has today updated its iPad app for Fortune. The app now contains what the publisher calls a "soup-to-nuts in a dashboard" – basically an in-app website containing daily news, analysis and commentary.

Also inside the app, FORTUNE Magazine, is the actual digital magazine, of course. So now the newly updated app is a hybrid, of sorts – part website, part magazine, part free, part paid.

Current print subscribers will continue to be able to access the digital editions of the magazine free of additional charge, while new readers can buy individual issues for $4.99, or subscribe for $2.99 per month or $19.99 for a year.

The newest issue of Fortune inside the updated app is for the issue dated October 8 and features their article "The 50 Most Powerful Women" inside.

The tablet edition weighs in at 243.3 MB and can be read in both portrait and landscape. It, too, is a hybrid of sorts. The ads are pretty much as you would see them in print while the editorial is reformatted for the tablet platform.

The hybrid approach to both tablet editions and apps is gaining some traction. The hybrid approach to building tablet editions makes sense for many publications that want the print advertisers to gain the extra readership, while the reformatted editorial improves readability and navigation. The hybrid approach to the app, where there is instant news upfront, works to make the app more vital to daily readers while also driving them to subscribe to the digital magazine.

There is currently no equivalent app for Android inside Google Play. If you own an Android tablet you would need to access Fortune through the Next Issue Android app.
Top-Left: the new Dashboard; Top-Right: the subscription page; Bottom-Left: a print ad seen in landscape in the tablet edition; Bottom-Right: a reformatted editorial page in the tablet edition.

Time Inc. has produced its own promotional video for the newly updated app for Fortune, saving me the trouble of producing a video walk-through: