Thursday, September 20, 2012

United Airlines and American Airlines become two of the first domestic carriers to update their mobile apps to add support for Apple's mobile ticketing app, Passbook

Two of the largest domestic airlines today issued updates to their iOS apps to now include support for Apple's new mobile ticketing solution, Passbook. Unlike luggage, it looks as though travelers will be able to use the new ticketing solution free of charge (but no bag of peanuts).
United Airlines updated their app of the same name, as did American Airlines.

One can expect the other airlines to follow suit as most have mobile apps in the Apple App Store. Among overseas carriers, Lufthansa was among the first to update their iOS mobile application to add in support for Passbook.

App updates continue to be released by Apple at a frantic pace as developers rush to make their apps iOS 6 compliant. While most apps have been found to be fully functional without major updates, some apps such as SportsTap, are all but dead – whether this is simply caused by major bugs, or issues related to iOS 6 probably varies from app to app.

Major League Baseball and Fandango were two of the first app updates issued that revealed support for Apple's Passbook, introduced yesterday with the public release of iOS 6. Other popular apps such as Starbucks have yet to be updated though have already committed to supporting Passbook.