Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A hurricane hits Chicago? NASA releases amazing satellite photograph of a huge Hurricane Sandy as the East Coast continues to feel the storm's effects

Ok, this is simply ridiculous. A hurricane hits Chicago? Well, not really, as Hurricane Sandy is no longer actually considered a hurricane. But as you can see by this picture released this morning by NASA, the enormous size of the storm that hit the Mid-Atlantic yesterday is so huge that its clouds have reached the windy city.
But while clouds are what one sees in this photo, what one doesn't see is the wind, of course. Large gusts are hitting the midwest this morning due to Sandy, though those on the East Coast remain the ones in danger.

The New York Times lead is "A Region Crippled" as flights continue to be canceled, many of the bridges remain shutdown (though a few have reopened), and millions remain without power.

The storm's death toll is at least 13, according to reports – the deaths caused by trees falling or car accidents caused by the storm.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie couldn't avoid controversy, accusing the major of Atlantic City, Lorenzo Langford, of encouraging the city's residents of riding out the storm at home.

"That is absolutely false and the governor needs to be challenged. He is dead wrong," the major shot back.

The NYT has been running a live blog on the storm which can be found here's effect.

Update 10AM CDT: Chicago officials are now warning residents to stay away from the Lake Michigan shoreline as the winds have picked up significantly this morning.