Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple adds Apple Events to its Apple TV channel offering, will stream mini iPad event today

I'm quite sure that many media observers will dismiss this as a minor thing, but Apple's adding of a new channel today to its Apple TV menu hints at the future of television.

Apple has added an Apple Events channel which will live stream today's product introduction event. The ability to add, subtract and rearrange channels on the fly makes these types of distribution products unique. I have to assume that Google and others can do the same with this own TV products.

The Apple event, which will begin at 1PM EDT, will most likely be used to roll out a new smaller version of the iPad. We will also most likely see additional hardware, as well as a new version of iBooks. Hopefully, we'll also see an updated version of iBooks Author that will allow publishers to create eBooks for the new tablet (and possibly the iPhone, as well – though I've seen no rumors to support this).

As rumor of a new, smaller iPad heated up, the rumors of a new Apple TV has died down. Despite the fact that the holiday shopping season is close at hand, few believe that Apple will launch its own television hardware. Instead, the Apple TV remains the main product in the category. Users, such as myself, are loyal fans of the product, but its potential is clearly not being realized. No third party apps, for instance, are allowed on the Apple TV, and the offerings remain limited to Apple's own TV and movie offerings, Netflix, sports channels, and a few other options.

As only newer versions of the iPad and iPhone can mirror their screens to the Apple TV, Apple may be waiting for updated mobile hardware before opening up the Apple TV to new features, and most importantly, to developers.