Thursday, October 25, 2012

Aquafadas updates its viewer app for iOS; released as companion to updated inDesign plug-in

Customers who are using the Aquafadas digital publishing platform will want to check their app updates this morning. The Montpellier, France based technology company today has updated its reviewer app.

myKiosk for iOS serves as the viewer app for the Adobe InDesign plug-in based platform. The app has been updated today to add in support for search within magazine issues, and to improve page swipe behavior within the apps.

There are also a series of bug fixes that are included in the update which was released as a companion to the release of version 2.5 of the system.

Aquafadas was just recently acquired by Toronto based Kobo, the company that once worked hand in hand with now defunct book retailer Borders.

"Kobo’s arrival is amazing news," Aquafadas CEO Claudia Zimmer said two weeks ago when the acquisition was announced. "Thanks to this acquisition, publishers who use Aquafadas Digital Publishing System benefit from an easy and scalable solution that will provide access to a new distribution channel in addition to other channels: Kobo’s platform and its 10 million registered users. We will benefit significantly from this partnership and amp up development to deliver more innovative tools. By working together to further enhance the Kobo product line-up and the creation of rich-media content, Kobo and Aquafadas will take digital reading to a new level."