Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BAMM.tv gets a fun and creative new app thanks to the work of Joe Zeff Design and Garcia Media

A new app from the studios of Joe Zeff Design is always a cause for celebration. Today the designer of such wonderful apps as Above & Beyond: George Steinmetz and TIME's Beyond 9/11 issue has been involved in another new app release, this one for BAMM.tv.

BAMM.tv, if you are like me and a bit out of touch with things (looking at media apps all day will do that to you), is a newish website that focuses on emerging bands. It's slogan is "bringing power and profits back to artists." For my generation that would have meant Rock In Opposition (except for the "profits" part). Here, it means mainstream music but with the major labels tamed a bit.

"Independent music is no longer a niche," Chris Hansen, CEO and co-founder of BAMM.tv, is quoted as saying in the Joe Zeff Design announcement for the app. "We began the business because of our experiences as musicians who had to deal with an incredibly challenging environment in the music industry. We set out to prove that there’s a better way to do things, that there is a huge opportunity in creating straightforward and transparent agreements with independent artists that bypass the major label system."
The app is the work not only of the folks at Joe Zeff Design but also Garcia Media, a company involved in publication design, as well as branding and corporate communications.

"Our iPad app is BAMM.tv’s introduction to music fans, as well as an expression of our fundamentally different approach to the business of music."

There is way, way too much here to try and describe the app. But the good news is that the app is free to download, and all one needs to enter is to log in using Facebook (though I must say I hate it when you are required to use Facebook to register in an app).

But to get a feel for the app, and the understand the navigation, the designers have created a nice introduction to the app that plays the first time one uses it.

I went ahead and deleted my own app and reinstalled it so I could show you the introduction and instructions in the video below: