Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brands get slack from customers for lack of iPhone 5 display support despite updates that improve perfornance

I can sympathize: ready to launch a new version of the TNM mobile app, Apple went and increased the size of the display on the new version of its iPhone, fragmenting the platform in a very Android-like way.

Developers never like getting negative reviews for their apps, but it must be especially tough to take when their apps work fine, but are slightly less than screen size on one device, and users pummel them in the App Store.

Several apps are getting the rough treatment today as users make the demand that they update their apps for the iPhone 5's new screen size. Starbucks, for instance, has issued three updates to their mobile app to make it iOS 6 compliant, work out bugs, and add in support for Apple's new payment app, Passbook.
But the app still displays at less than full screen size on the new iPhone 5 and users are complaining, despite the fact that the works perfectly fine in every other regard.

Another app getting criticism for lack of iPhone 5 display design is Skype. Its main mobile app has just been updated to fix some bugs introduced since the launch of iOS 6. But its lack of display size adjustment for the iPhone 5 is getting serious blowback inside the App Store.

The new iPhone 5's display is 1136-by-640-pixels, where previous models have been 960-by-640. For many apps, the difference is hardly noticeable. A small band of black will appear above and below an app when it has been redesigned for the iPhone 5. In most circumstances it can be ignored.

But users, as developers are discovering, can be a bit unforgiving when they do notice – and no doubt many are scrambling to issue new updates so they don't have to see those one and two star reviews inside the App Store.