Friday, October 5, 2012

Garmin releases a new tablet magazine into the Apple Newsstand with five different language versions available

The GPS technology company Garmin today released a new tablet magazine into the Apple Newsstand. Five separate apps were released as the company is supporting different language versions of the same digital publication.

The English language version of the digital magazine is called In The Moment, which the other four editions are Cogli l'attimo, Im Augenblick, Le Moment Présent and En El Momento Justo.

The purpose of the digital magazine, of course, is to promote the Garmin brand – in this case to athletes. Because of its marketing mission, both the apps and the issues are free of charge. I would assume that the company's agency had something to do with the new apps, but the digital publications appears to lack credits (unless I missed them).

The app is very well optimized. The first digital issue available inside weighs in at only 208 MB, and while its content is not extensive, the stories do contain video and animations that would normally boost the size of the file. The production team here did a good job of keeping the file size down.

Because of all the video and animation it is probably better to see the app in a video than through screenshots. So here is a brief walk through the beginning of the first issue: