Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Italian magazine publisher Editoriale Duesse releases seven new titles into the Apple Newsstand

The Italian magazine publisher Editoriale Duesse has released seven new universal app editions for its titles today. The publisher has in its portfolio 12 trade journals and a hand full of consumer titles.

Launched today into Apple's Newsstand are Trade Bianco, Trade Consumer Electronics, Tivù, Progetto Cucina, Box Office, and Ab-Abitare il bagno. All these new app editions can be found in the News category, with the exception of Tivù, which is to be found in Entertainment. All, of course, are also in the Newsstand category.

The Italian publisher also has a few magazine titles to be found in Google Play as well as the BlackBerry App World. But none of the new app titles are there as of yet, which probably means that like many publishers they are releasing for iOS first, other platforms later.

All the apps from Editoriale Duesse are universal, and like many B2Bs, the publisher is allowing access to anyone through the app without charge.
Editoriale Duesse, which was founded in 1992, had previously released a couple of apps for its movie magazines. Those app descriptions could be found in English in the U.S. app store, but now all the app descriptions are in Italian – which is just as well as being able to read the language comes in handy here.

Unfortunately, all the apps feature replica editions. One wonders whether Italian readers are more forgiving in this area, or whether the economics of native tablet and mobile editions does not work well for some European publishers. Most of the Italian publications I have seen in the App Store, whereas German publishers seem to be more eager to design for the new digital platforms.