Monday, October 8, 2012

Mag+ holds Chicago event hosted by Time Out Chicago

I was very lucky to have been working for the McGraw-Hill Companies in San Francisco during the Internet boom for the mid-to-late nineties. And while I hear that rooftop parties are still fairly frequent, I can attest to the fact that in the days of the Industry Standard they were the norm. Ah, the good old days, right?

Events are bit less frequent, but the digital publishing platform company Mag+ held an event in Chicago on Thursday of last week that brought together staffers from both some of the major media players in the city, including the Tribune Company and the Sun-Times.

Hosted by Time Out Chicago, the event was rather interesting in that here was a situation where the major publishing players in the area were using the same platform. Recently both newspapers had launched digital magazines for their coverage of the Bears (see TNM's post on the Trib's digital magazine Bear Download and the Sun-Times's Bears Extra).

The Tribune Company is also using Mag+ to build the daily digital edition of RedEye, RedEye for iPad.
(Seen at left: Brandon Hillier, Mobile Sales & Marketing Manager, Annie Ryan, Manager, Business Development and Michael Cahan, Director, Mobile Sales & Strategy.)

The event was hosted by another media company using Mag+, Time Out Chicago, whose publisher, Randy Hano, just happens to be brother of the CEO of Mag+, Gregg Hano (no coincident, I'm sure).

Time Out Chicago gave a brief presentation of its own iPad edition which resides inside the Apple Newsstand. The digital edition for the Chicago publication is in stark contrast to the Time Out New York Magazine app which is also in the Newsstand – that app is a replica edition that uses YUDU.

Chicago was once home to some of the biggest publishers in the B2B area: Cahners (later RBI), Primedia, McGraw-Hill, and others all had a big presence in the Chicago area. I would think that several of these media firms would have embraced tablets had the platform developed during their heyday. It would be nice to see a similar event held a year from now with lots of B2B companies represented.