Friday, October 12, 2012

Marco Arment updates 'The Magazine"; camera app developers quickly scramble to update and improve their apps in wake of iOS 6 launch

Responding to a subscription bug found in his first release, Marco Arment, the developer of Instapaper, has quickly issued an update to his new digital magazine app.

Arment's new digital magazine, The Magazine: For geeks like us., contained a bug that prevented readers from accessing their issue on one device after subscribing through another – the app is universal.

Arment also has answered a few questions about the new app on his blog site. For instance, Arment said that the design of the digital magazine was created in collaboration with Pacific Helm. The design of the digital magazine is, as I mentioned in my original post, fairly minimal – at least as far as magazine design page layouts are concerned. Most magazine art directors look at the printed page, or the tablet or smartphone display, as a palette – whereas most developers look at the issue of design from the perspective of ease of navigation and reading, and well as repeatability (automation, if you will).

Arment also answers a question I had but didn't mention in my post: why does links in the stories found inside 'The Magazine' link out to Chrome. He says his app was designed to do this if the user has Chrome installed. Arment does not, however, tell us why he wanted this feature.

Since the release of iOS 6 I have dumped quite a number of camera apps due to the improvements Apple made to its own solution. iOS 6, for instance, now contains a built in panorama feature that is very well designed for ease of use.

I'm sure Marco Arment understands the ramifications of Apple incorporating new features, as his own bookmarking program, Instapaper, has no doubt been impacted by Apple's moves in that direction.

This morning I see a number of camera app updates including one for 360 Panorama, on the pano programs I used to use prior to iOS 6.

The app description lists quite a number of interesting improvements that will be worth testing out.

Another camera app, 8mm Vintage Camera, which is more about fun than quality photography, has also updated its app to make it iOS 6 compliant and to support the new iPhone 5's larger display.