Thursday, October 11, 2012

Media app updates: newly redesigned player for PBS for iPad gets thumbs up from users; OverDrive updates media console app; Mag+ Reviewer updated

You can bet that sometimes developers think that users inside the App Store are some of the most negative people in the world. It feels this way because of all the negative reviews that get thrown at some apps.

But sometimes I think users are incredibly generous, ignoring the minor flaws of some apps because overall the app begin offered is very good.

Take the newly updated app PBS for iPad. Last night the app was updated to improve the performance and design of the video player – and, obviously, for a television network, the video player is by far the most important element of the app.

The newly redesigned video player on the PBS app is better, and reviewers are giving the app five-star reviews this morning.
But I immediately noticed something weird about the updated app. Something that I always ignored because maybe, just maybe, the fault lay with my iPad.

When I tapped on a television show and the video player came up, the player was upside down. A turn of the iPad and all was right. But at launch the damn thing was upside down. Was this just happening to me? No one was mentioning it in iTunes.

So I closed down the app, a hard close so that the next time the app would open at launch instead of where I left off.

Once again, when a program was initiated, the player opened upside down. Strange.

Yet all the reviews inside iTunes, with one exception from someone complaining about ads, were positive. You see, sometimes, users can be pretty generous.

OverDrive, a digital distributor of eBooks and audiobooks, has updated its iOS apps, called OverDrive Media Console.
This is one of those apps that I kick myself for not checking our more often.

The app gives readers access to eBooks from public, school and college libraries. At launch it requires you to log in using an Adobe log-in, though you can cancel this out.

The app is really just a gateway as it takes one to the website of the library. so its usefulness can certainly be questioned. But thousands of users have found the app and generally have given it high marks.

Today's update adds support for the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch models, a swell as introduces a new audiobook player.

Most recent reviews have complained about the app's performance, so this new update may address some of their concerns.

Users of the Mag+ platform will want to update their Mag+ Reviewer app today. The newest update brings the app up to 4.0.2.

The update is to fix some bugs and to correct the layouts of older issues.