Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Starbucks developers struggling with both Apple's iOS 6 and building for the iPhone 5

The Starbucks customer card was precisely the type of payment card that Apple had in mind when it launched its Passbook feature with the launch of iOS 6. But the latest updates have only brought troubles for the giant coffee retailer.

Over a month after the launch of both the new mobile operating system, and the introduction of the new, larger screen version of the iPhone, Starbucks app has had to be updated several times due to new bugs introduced.

Today the Starbucks app was updated once again and the list of fixes are getting longer, not shorter.
What's New in Version 2.5.1
• Fixed multiple crashing bugs
• Fixed issue with store hours not displaying
• Removed sound from stars dropping in cup
• Multiple other bug fixes
Despite the updates, one of which did bring the Passbook feature to the app, customers are complaining still.

The most common complaint is probably the least important, that the app still does not have support for the iPhone 5's longer display.

But users are still complaining about the app crashing which is either a sign of bugs, or the need of users to delete the old app before installing the new one.

Look for yet another app update very soon.