Thursday, October 4, 2012

Starbucks issues update that supports Apple's Passbook, but developers forget to add in support for the iPhone 5

Oops. In the world of app development there are just so many damn details, aren't there? Apple, Google others always issuing updates, who can keep up?

Starbucks today finally got around to updating its mobile app for Apple's iPhone, adding in the Passbook feature. But somehow the developers forgot to include in their update support for the iPhone 5. Reviews inside the App Store are gently (and not so gently) reminding the company of what is missing in the update.
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Apple's new Passbook app, which gathers up all of a user's tickets, coupons and store cards, comes in the new iOS 6 update (which some wise iPhone users are avoiding because of Apple's poorly implemented Maps).

Starbucks was certainly one of those stores that iPhone owners were hoping would implement Passbook quickly. To be honest, the lack of iPhone 5 support is a very minor annoyance. The slightly longer screen size hardly matters that much in this case.

The only reason that I can see that the new update doesn't include support for the iPhone 5's new display is that the update has been in the works for a while.

That would mean that yet another update is probably to be expected again very soon.