Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Chicago Tribune launches an eBook collection with partner Agate Digital with titles available across platforms

The Chicago Tribune launched an eBook series with Agate Publishing. The Chicago Tribune Ebook Collection features material from the Tribune's news and features stories and will be available through as Kindle editions through Amazon, for the NOOK through Barnes & Noble, through the Apple bookstore and as ePub from Agate Digital.

A check of the Apple bookstore shows that many of the titles have not yet gotten through Apple's system, but the titles are currently live inside Amazon's online store. The titles can be found as being authored by "Chicago Tribune staff."
Titles include Capone: A Photographic Portrait of America's Most Notorious Gangster and Charlie Trotter: How One Superstar Chef and His Iconic Chicago Restaurant Helped Revolutionize American Cuisine.

"The Tribune’s vast archive of excellent reporting and photography are a perfect vehicle for experimenting with ebooks," said Doug Seibold, president of Agate, in the announcement for the series. "We’re able to publish ebooks at a very fast clip that are affordable and easily accessible to a wide range of readers, and we look forward to bringing out many more such books."

The base price for most of the ebooks is $4.99.