Monday, October 15, 2012

The Food Network launches its own special topic digital magazine into the Newsstand: Food Network Favorites

The Food Network has launched a new digital magazine, if that is the right term, into the Apple Newsstand. The digital publications is called Food Network Favorites, and its first digital edition features soup recipes.

The Food Network is, of course, a highly successful cable television channel that is owned mostly by Scripps Networks Interactive, with the Tribune Company in as a minority stake holder. In addition to the Food Network channel itself, the entity also has sister channels such as the Cooking Channle, DIY Network, HGTVDiscovery Channel and others.

Hearst Communications publishes a magazine of the same name in partnership with the Food Network, and has an iPad edition inside the Apple Newsstand for that title.

But this new digital publication is coming directly from Television Food Network G.P., as it is known inside the App Store. Three other apps exists from this seller, including Food Network On the Road, Food Network Cupcakes! and Food Network In the Kitchen.

(The Food Network is not an aggressive developer of Android apps. The only app currently inside Google Play is a version of In the Kitchen last updated in November of 2010.)

One would expect that an app from a television network would be stuffed with video content, but that is not the case here. Instead, the app is designed as a digital magazine, or rather a one-off special issue one might find from a publisher on a newsstand. This issue is all about soups, the next promises to be about cookies.
The design of the digital edition is simple enough: standard pages with buttons for recipes and tips. The tips are not very helpful, and the pop-up recipes not very imaginatively rendered.

Because the issue is designed for portrait only, the publication won't be very easy to use while cooking as most iPad covers hold their tablets in landscape.

Individual issues are available for $2.99 each, with a 3 month subscription priced at $3.99 and an annual subscription priced at $9.99. Because the issues are to be published every two months, the three month subscription price is set to guarantee the reader two issues.